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Partnering up with an international bookmaker is incredibly rewarding. Accept funds, top up accounts, make withdrawals for customers or create your very own agent network and earn commission!

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What is a Melbet agent?

A Melbet agent is someone who works online/offline and earns commission for bringing in new customers and helping them make deposits/withdrawals from their account.

With Melbet continuing to expand globally each year, why not join our international team? If you’d like to earn more, you could even set up your own agent network.

The more agents in your network, the larger your income! You can start earning with Melbet today. Submit an application on our website and we’ll soon be in touch!

Mobile EPOS

For smooth operation and workflow, we have developed a convenient Android app available in several languages. Thanks to the app’s simple interface, you’ll be able to create your very own agent network and boost your income.

You can use our app to:

  • Accept deposits and top up customers’ accounts
  • Credit winnings online or in cash
  • Set up your own agent network in your region
  • Expand your business to another country and bring in new customers

How can I become a Melbet agent?

  • Obtain agent status

    Once you've completed verification, the bookmaker will grant you agent status.

  • Log in and make your first deposit

    Once you've logged in, you'll need to verify your identity on the MelBet website. You'll then get access to your own agent balance, which you'll use to top up customers' accounts.

  • Download and install the app

    Your manager will send you a link which you can use to download the mobile app. Please make sure that your phone's operating system is no older than the Android 4.4 version before installing the app.

  • Start chatting with players

    Make sure that they have a MelBet account.

  • Help players make quick deposits

    You'll be able to top up customers' accounts quickly and easily. Use the deposits in your account to transfer funds from your agent account to customers' accounts.

  • Earn commission

    Earn between 3-5% comission on deposits and 2% on withdrawals. Your total earnings will depend on the specifics of your region and other parameters. You'll gain access to additional information once you fill in all of your details.

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